Faience (earthenware) has been produced for a very long time. Most of this faience is marked. These marks indicate the manufacturer, the year the object was produced and, occasionally, the maker of the object. Given the number of manufacturers and the long production period of this earthenware, it is often difficult to date an object.

This is precisely the reason for this website!

I would like to make this site into a knowledge base of historical, mark, signature and other related information essential in determining the origin of faience pieces. This is, of course, primarily for the convenience of the large number of interested collectors. In the first place, this site will start with information regarding French faience marks.
It is intended that the amount of information available here will grow as time goes by.

To pass on suggestions, additional information and other comments, please contact me.

Below you will find a map of France indicating the cities and their respective marks which are referenced on this website. To go to a specific page, please click on the map, or on a name in the menu on the left.

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